Overseas Tour 2018

Important Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 19 at 7:30 in the Art Room


Overseas Tour - March 22 - April 3, 2018


Your tour number will be #1844493PK

If you prefer online enrollment, visit www.eftours.ca/1844493PK     and follow the prompts to enroll. 

If traveler and parents need assistance in this process, or if they wish to make payments or enroll over the phone, they can contact our customer service department at 1-800-263-2806.  The insurance fee is going to be automatically added onto their accounts

Payment Plans

Manual Payment Plan:  Students pay $199 upon enrollment, $500 by 30 days later, $500 due 90 days after enrollment and the full account balance by 100 days prior to departure. 

Auto Payment Plan:  The total balance (less the $199 deposit) is divided into monthly installments that are automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account until paid in full.

For any additional information on EF’s booking conditions and cancellation fees please visit www.eftours.ca/bc to learn everything that is included in our insurance please visit www.eftours.ca/coverage   

The 3 day extension on a cruise ship to the Greek Islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Patmos, Samos and Crete is a definite go!


The new updated price will be:

Student- $4367.00



Just a reminder...the $200.00 early enrollment discount is only offered until the end of June, 2016.

This trip is only offered to full time enrolled Alix-MAC students who have all school fees paid to date. If, you leave within the next 2 years you will have to withdraw from the trip and forfeit your deposit and any additional fees. This restriction obviously does not apply to any of our parents/guardians or adults attending the trip.


Fruit and Cookie Dough Sales - October 2 to 16

Halloween Howl - Saturday, October 28th - parent volunteer for ticket sales.  Sunday October 29th student clean up

Purdy's Chocolate - Christmas Fundraiser.  Date to be announced