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Hot Lunch Menu - October - December 2018

The Alix-MAC hot lunch menu is up and ready for you to order through your Parent Portal.  Click this link to take you to the parent portal.   We are encouraging all parents to use Parent Portal to order and pay for hot lunch.  If you need assistance to access your parent portal, please call the office at 403-747-2778 or come in and use the office kiosk to set up your account.  If you used parent portal last school year, your information will be the same.  New parents will need your child's web id and password to link them to your account.  

Click here to view a detailed description of the menu.  Hot Lunch Menu

If you are unable to order online, you can print off a copy of the hot lunch order form for each child and send it in to the school.  Hot lunch envelopes will not be sent home this year.  Hot Lunch Order Form

If you have any questions regarding the menu or if your child has any food allergies, please call Nicole at 403-872-2158.  


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