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Red Cross Swimming Program

Students in grades one through five have the opportunity to participate in the Red Cross Swimming Program at the Burman University pool in Lacombe again this year.  We are very excited to offer this program again.

Classes will participate one morning per week for six weeks.  This program will cost families $40 per student for busing transportation.  Swimming registrations for every student has generously been paid for by Friends of Alix-MAC.

Please complete the consent form, indicate which swimming level your child is going in to and attach the fee required.  We would prefer if you could pay online, however cash or cheques made payable to Wolf Creek Public Schools will be accepted.  

To pay online please log in to the parent portal.  Contact the school office if you need assistance.  

We require this information be submitted no later than Friday, February 8.

Academic activities will be provided in the school for those students not participating.

Once again, a huge thank you to Friends of Alix-MAC.  Without their support we would not be able to provide this wonderful program.

Red Cross Swimming Program Permission form  link


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