Off Campus Programming

Alix MAC School Off Campus Programming

Work Experience:

Earn 3 - 15 credits (10, 20 and/or 30 level)  Students can earn credits through their job placement (volunteer or summer...including July & August).  This is a great career exploration opportunity!  Up to 15 Work Experience credits can be counted towards those required for a High School Diploma.  Work Experience marks can also be included in a student’s average for some scholarships.

RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program):

Earn up to 40 (10/20/30 level) credits.  “Earn While You Learn” - students begin work as an Apprentice (paid job) in one of over 50 registered trades. Students receive their Apprentice Record book (Apprenticeship Blue Book) and begin to accumulate on-the-job training and work experience hours required to become a Journeyperson.

Green Certificate:

Earn 16 (30 level) credits.  Students earn a Production Technician Certificate through apprenticeship style training on a farm/ranch offering one of 9 career-specific specializations (Dairy, Equine, Cow/Calf, feedlot, field Crops, Swine, Sheep, Beekeeping, Irrigated Crops).  Students are required to submit a $500.00 deposit to enroll in this program (refunded upon successful completion).