2018- 2019 Registration

Registration for Kindergarten and New Students 2018-2019

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year for Kindergarten and new students Grade 1 to 12 is now open ONLINE

 NEW students ONLY.  Click the new student registration link below and click "create account" in Info Snap.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 403-747-2778 and ask for Mrs. Helen Lacroix.

Please Note:  A copy of original birth certificate and any other pertinent legal documentation, such as custody or guardianship orders, MUST accompany registration.

Age Requirement:  Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age on or before December 31, 2018. (Wolf Creek Public Schools Policy #300)

Online Registration


 NEW STUDENTS ONLY (Grades K - 12):  Click the registration link and then click to create an account.  Don't forget to attach a copy of an original birth certificate.   



For ALL returning students, parents will receive an email with a link for each one of your current students to confirm their children's information in the new online system.    You will need to create an Info Snap Account when you click on the first link in your email.  If you have a second returning student, you will go back to your email and find the email for the second child, click the link and simply log in to the account you just created.  If you have not received an email by the end of March, please contact our school office and they will send you one.  If you have questions, please call the office at 403-747-2778 and ask for Mrs. Helen Lacroix.



Click here for busing information or to register for busing.  Online Busing Registrations


2017-2018 Registration

When registering a new student please make sure to bring the following:

  1. Parent or Guardian
  2. Copy of birth certificate
  3. Address or legal land description
  4. Emergency and home contact number

We have provided a downloadable copy of our registration form below.  Please feel free to complete before registering at the school.


                                     ALIX-MAC SCHOOL

                                       2018-2019 Calendar

Website:  www.alix.wolfcreek.ab.ca

Check the website of upcoming events



August                    31-31                       Staff Planning Day


September             3                              Labor Day Holiday

                             4                              Students First Day

                             4                              ECS first Day

                             14                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)                 

                             28                            PD/Staff Meeting Day (no students)

                             29                            Graduation Day – at Alix-MAC School


October                  8                              Thanksgiving Day Holiday

                            12                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                            19                            Awards (2017-2018 Academic and Athletic)

                            23                            Picture Day

                            26                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)


November              8                              Term 1 Report Cards (Grades  7 – 12)

                             9                              Staff Collaboration Day (no students) 

                            11                            Remembrance Day

                            12                            Day in Lieu of Remembrance Day

                            13                            Staff Earned Day off (in Lieu of Parent-Teacher Interviews)

                           14 & 15                   Parent Teacher Interviews

                            15                            Picture Retake Day              

                            30                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)                 


December               19                            Christmas Concert

                              21                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                              24-31                       Christmas Holidays


January                  1-4                           Christmas Holidays

                               7                              First Day Back After Holiday

                              18                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                              31                            Conclusion of First Semester


February                1                              Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                             4                              Commencement of 2nd Semester

                             4                              Report Cards (Kindergarten – Grade 12)

                            15                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                            18                            Family Day Holiday


March                     8                              Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                             14-15                       Teachers’ Convention

                             18-22                       Spring Break

                             25                            First Day back from Spring Break


April                       5                             Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                              12                            Graduation Photos

                              12                            Term 3 Report Cards (Gr 7 – 12)

                              19                            Good Friday

                              22                            Easter Monday


May                         10                            Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                                17                            Day in Lieu

                                20                            Victoria Day Holiday

                                21                            Discretionary Day (no students)


June                       7                              Staff Collaboration Day (no students)

                              26                            Students’ Last Day - 2nd Semester Concludes

                              27                            Teacher Evaluation Day