Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Alix-MAC Code of Conduct

Wolf Creek Public Schools requires all schools attend to their School Codes of conduct as per Section 45.1 of the School Act which stipulates that the student Code of Conduct  be made publicly available and be reviewed every year by all staff, students and parents. 

The Code of Conduct provides all stakeholders the specifics about how each of our Wolf Creek schools are focusing on being welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments.

It outlines what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior.  The Code of Conduct also provides information about the consequences of unacceptable behavior, which takes into account the students age, maturity and individual circumstances.

The Code of Conduct also explains what support is to be provided for students who are impacted by inappropriate behavior as well as for students who engage in inappropriate behavior.

Please click on the link below to access the Code of Conduct for Alix-MAC school.  


Click here to read the Code of Conduct.

Staff Directory

placeholder image for Adrian Paolinelli

Mr. Adrian Paolinelli

Assistant Principal

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext 4039

placeholder image for Kendall Johnson

Ms. Kendall Johnson

Assistant Principal

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4417

placeholder image for Janice Besuijen

Mrs. Janice Besuijen

School Social Worker

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.5365

placeholder image for Helen Lacroix

Mrs. Helen Lacroix

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.4074

placeholder image for Susan Russell

Mrs. Susan Russell

Grade 1 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.5582

placeholder image for Kathy Knapp

Ms. Kathy Knapp

Grade 2 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4262

placeholder image for Nienke MacLeod

Mrs. Nienke MacLeod

Grade 3 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4987

placeholder image for Bonnie Swainston

Mrs. Bonnie Swainston

Grade 4 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 5272

placeholder image for Lindsay Winslow

Mrs. Lindsay Winslow

Grade 5 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.4108

placeholder image for Karen Stoupe-Trigg

Mrs. Karen Stoupe-Trigg

Grade 6 Teacher

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.4069

placeholder image for Rene Lyon

Mrs. Rene Lyon

Jr English and Social

placeholder image for Tammy Shapka

Mrs. Tammy Shapka

LA/Social 7/Art

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext.4067

placeholder image for Malcolm Tisdale

Mr. Malcolm Tisdale

Jr. Sr. Math/Science/PE

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4038

placeholder image for Kyle Brown

Mr. Kyle Brown

Jr/Sr Math

placeholder image for Brian Grocholski

Mr. Brian Grocholski

Jr. Sr. High English

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4066

placeholder image for Ward Boss

Mr. Ward Boss

Jr//Sr High Social

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4118

placeholder image for Sandy Campbell

Mr. Sandy Campbell

Jr. Sr. High Science

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 5681

placeholder image for Marian Pitt

Mrs. Marian Pitt

Education Assistant

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext 5687

placeholder image for Beth Strohschein

Ms. Beth Strohschein

Education Assistant

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext 4495

placeholder image for Jan Stanyer

Mrs. Jan Stanyer

Education Assistant

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext 4086

placeholder image for Janny Liebeton

Mrs. Janny Liebeton

Librarian/Education Assistant

Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 4236

placeholder image for Dawn Shine

Mrs. Dawn Shine


Phone: 403-747-2778 Ext. 5232

placeholder image for Baylee Allan

Ms. Baylee Allan

Education Assistant

placeholder image for Bobbi Henderson

Miss Bobbi Henderson

Education Assistant

placeholder image for Charles Lacroix

Mr. Charles Lacroix


Phone: 403-747-2778

placeholder image for Donna Hanson

Ms. Donna Hanson


Phone: 403-747-2778